This blog is born out of a collection of techniques for accelerated learning called Where Are Your Keys? (WAYK).  WAYK was created by Evan Gardner in order to revitalize Native American languages that were dying.  His blog, workshops and discussion groups focus mainly on the use of WAYK to accelerate a person’s fluency in a language easily and effectively without translating, using flashcards, or studying grammar rules.  In fact, each of those things SLOWS language fluency.  Check out his websites to learn more about this.  I studied his methods for months while I taught ESL in South Korea.  I was blown away by the results of this method and watched amazed parents pull out cell phone cameras to record their 7 year old child have a full conversation in English after only 9 classes.  I was hooked.  I also used WAYK to learn a little bit of 23 different languages without translating from strangers on busses and trains as I travelled.

As I traveled through India, I spent a week helping at a small Christian English school in the Himalayas.  There, I gave some training to the local teachers and quickly resorted to teaching them a handful of WAYK techniques.  But, I would give them practical examples for how to use each technique in a math or science class instead of simply English class.  My mind began to overflow with ideas and I suddenly understood more about education than ever before.  How Fascinating!  This blog is my attempt to record some of those ideas and provide a place for discussion of teaching strategies and techniques for accelerating learning.


My name is Cory Faris.  I’m an international teacher with a passion for learning and teaching.  I have a B.A. in Physics, I minored in Computer Science, and I studied secondary education.

Then, in my senior year, I decided that I wanted to live on an island.  I didn’t know how to choose a particular island, so I decided Google Maps was as good as any method.  I looked at the middle of the pacific ocean and started zooming in.  At first, there was nothing visible.  Then, little islands began to slowly come into view.  The first one I zoomed in on was Kosrae, Micronesia.  After reading a bit about it, I decided I would go there.  The next day, I applied for a job as a teacher.  Five months later, I was on my first airplane out of the country and seeing the ocean for the first time.  That was the beginning of my passion for traveling.  I spent 24 of the next 27 months outside of the U.S. visiting and teaching in the Federated States of Micronesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and India.

My vision is to gain more experience and knowledge about teaching and teach in countries around the world.  I would like to be an education consultant helping low income schools around the world improve their pedagogy and effectiveness as educators.


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