We’ll All Get There Together

This blog is an attempt to process my ideas about education and teaching strategies.  If I thought I had all the answers though, I would be writing this in a private journal.  Instead, I recognize that there are many other wonderful ideas that people have and we can all help each other succeed.  We can pull each other to the next level.

The name of this blog (currently) is “Teach a Teacher”.  This isn’t an arrogant claim that I am trying to teach others how to teach.  Instead, I am asking for help from you.  I need YOU to help ME become a better teacher.  I would like this blog to be a place where we can debate ideas, discuss research, and develop practical teaching techniques together.

Technique (TQ) is going to be the key word.  We will focus our discussion on methods of accelerating learning.  We will give a name to anything we come up with that makes learning (and teaching) faster, more efficient and more effective.  They will each be a technique.  By giving each a name, we can talk about what we are doing and can recognize more easily when we are using techniques to accelerate learning, and when we are not (but should).

As we begin, much of what I introduce (including the use of Technique) is taken from a group called Where Are Your Keys? (WAYK).  They have already developed hundreds of learning accelerating techniques and applied them to learning languages.  They have done incredible work, and I continue to use WAYK to learn and teach languages.  However, the goal of Teach a Teacher is to apply these techniques and others to teaching in general.  I will try to give practical examples of how to use each technique in classes such as math and science as we go.

The only way for this website to achieve its goals of developing and spreading powerful teaching techniques is for all of you to comment, discuss, and debate ideas presented here.


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